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Biomaterials and bone mechanotransduction

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Biomaterials and bone mechanotransduction

Bone is an extremely complex tissue that provides many essential functions in the body. Bone tissue engineering holds great promise in providing strategies that will result in complete regeneration of bone and restoration of its function. Currently, such strategies include the transplantation of highly porous scaffolds seeded with cells. Prior to transplantation the seeded cells are cultured in vitro in order for the cells to proliferate, differentiate and generate extracellular matrix. Factors that can affect cellular function include the cell–biomaterial interaction, as well as the biochemical and the mechanical environment. To optimize culture conditions, good understanding of these parameters is necessary. The new developments in bone biology, bone cell mechanotransduction, and cell–surface interactions are reviewed here to demonstrate that bone mechanotransduction is strongly influenced by the biomaterial properties.

Adhesion; Biomaterial; Bone biology; Bone mechanotransduction; Cell–surface interaction; Cytoskeleton; Fluid flow; Gap junction; Mechanosensory cell; Microgravity; Osteoblast; Osteocyte; Shear stress; Tissue engineering
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Biomaterials and bone mechanotransduction
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: Biomaterials - Volume 22, Issue 19, 1 October 2001, Pages 2581–2593
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