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Fibrin glue as an osteoinductive protein in a mouse model

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Fibrin glue as an osteoinductive protein in a mouse model

Fibrin sealant or fibrin glue (FG) has been found to be effective as a wound-healing substance in surgery. However, its role in bone fracture healing and osseous tissue response is not fully understood. This ambiguity questions the potential of FG as an inductive protein. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the osteoinductive property of FG when coated with calcium phosphate and glass ceramics and implanted in the extraskeletal site of male Swiss albino mice. Implant materials used for this study were hydroxyapatite (HA) porous granules (300–350 μm), bioactive glass system (BGS)-AW type and calcium phosphate calcium silicate system (HABGS) non-porous granules (300–350 μm). Uncoated granules (control) and coated granules with 2.5 mg FG and 5 mg FG were implanted in the quadriceps muscle of mice and sacrificed after 28 days. Histologically, HA, BGS and HABGS implanted animal groups showed good healing response. However, neo-osteogenesis was observed only in the BGS and HABGS granules impregnated with FG. Furthermore, bone formation was observed to be more conspicuous in 5 mg FG coated BGS and HABGS granules when compared with 2.5 mg FG coated BGS and HABGS granules. Fluorochrome labeling proved that mineralization had already started by day 15 with FG preadsorbed BGS and HABGS granules. On the contrary, the uncoated granules did not show any de novo bone formation. This experimental study provides an evidence of the positive role of FG as a potential osteoinductive biologic tissue adhesive.

Fibrin glue; Osteoinduction; Calcium phosphate; Glass ceramic
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Fibrin glue as an osteoinductive protein in a mouse model
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Journal: Biomaterials - Volume 23, Issue 14, July 2002, Pages 3023–3031
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