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Moisture sorption isotherms of two varieties of millet

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Moisture sorption isotherms of two varieties of millet

Moisture sorption isotherms of EX-BORNO and SOSAT C88 millets at temperature range of 30–70 °C and water activity range of 0.07–0.98 were determined using the static gravimetric method. The sorption isotherms of both millet varieties decreased with increasing temperature, exhibited type II behaviour according to BET classification and hysteresis having loop size increasing with increasing temperature. This is as a result of the hard nature of the millet varieties. The moisture sorption and the data fitted well with Modified Henderson, Modified Halsey, Modified Oswin and Modified GAB models. The constants of the equations used in fitting were determined by non-linear regression analysis when the models were compared using the standard error of estimate, mean relative percent deviation, fraction explained variation and residual plots. The Modified Oswin model gave the best fit for the whole set of data. The study has provided information and data useful in large scale drying and processing of millet which have remained at the traditional level despite the importance of the drought resistance crop in poverty alleviation.

Research highlights▶ Millet exhibits temperature dependent sigmoidal adsorption and desorption isotherms. ▶ Sorption phenomena best fitted by the Modified Oswin model. ▶ Type three hysteresis with span increasing with temperature existed in millet.

Millet; Sorption isotherm; Sorption hysteresis; Drying; SOSAT C88; EX-BORNO
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Moisture sorption isotherms of two varieties of millet
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Journal: Food and Bioproducts Processing - Volume 89, Issue 3, July 2011, Pages 178–184
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