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Healthy cookies from cooked fish bones

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Healthy cookies from cooked fish bones

Nile tilapia fish are a staple food fish in Egypt. The objective of this research was to enrich a flaxseed and cinnamon cookie with cooked Nile tilapia fish bones (NTF). NTF at 6%, 12%, 18% and 24% of the wheat flour was used to fortify the cookies. Proximate analysis, Ca, P, Fe, total omega 3 fatty acids, and physical and sensory evaluation of cookies were done. The incorporation of NTF increased the total ash, Ca, and P at 12% NTF and above. The panelists gave the best score (statistically significant at P˂0.05) to the 12% NTF cookies. The consumption of 100 g of the 12% enriched cookies provided 39%, 34%, 62%, and 57% of the US RDA for females over 50 yr of protein, Ca, P, and Fe, respectively, along with 238% of the omega 3 fatty acids recommended by American Heart Association for those having cardiovascular disease.

Nile tilapia; Oreochromis niloticus; Cooked fish bones; Calcium; Omega 3 fatty acids; Cookies
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Healthy cookies from cooked fish bones
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: Food Bioscience - Volume 12, 1 December 2015, Pages 114–121
Physical Sciences and Engineering Chemical Engineering Bioengineering