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Plasmonic nanoparticles in biomedicine

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Plasmonic nanoparticles in biomedicine

•The applications of plasmonic nanoparticles in biomedicine are summarised.•The performance of plasmonic nanoparticles in bioassays and therapy are highlighted.•Comparison between conventional materials and plasmonic nanoparticles is attempted.•Future perspectives of plasmonic nanoparticles are discussed.

SummaryThe use of plasmonic nanoparticles for biomedical applications has been extensively researched, yielding significant advancements in the construction of ultrasensitive bioassays and effective therapy. The unique surface plasmon resonance phenomena of both plasmonic films and nanoparticles with their exceptional absorption and scattering abilities have much potential in revolutionising diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of diseases, in particular cancer. In this review, an overview of recent advancements of plasmonic nanoparticles in the fields of bioassays and therapy is provided, with an emphasis on the mechanisms by which the plasmonic nanoparticles can be employed to enhance or provide signals for the detection of bioanalytes or to treat diseases.

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Plasmonics; Nanoparticles; Biosensors; Photothermal therapy; Drug delivery
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Plasmonic nanoparticles in biomedicine
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: - Volume 11, Issue 2, April 2016, Pages 168–188
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Physical Sciences and Engineering Chemical Engineering Bioengineering