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Nonlinear properties of nanoscale antennas

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Nonlinear properties of nanoscale antennas

•Nanoantennas can concentrate light in well-defined, electromagnetic hotspots.•Electromagnetic field localization in nanoantennas can result in strong nonlinear responses.•Nanoantennas are a platform to study plasmon-exciton energy transfer in confined volumes and gaps.•Nanoantennas can act as resonant cavities for lasing in subwavelength dimensions.

SummaryNanoscale antennas are optical devices that can facilitate the localization and transfer of electromagnetic (EM) energy at the nanometer length scale. In this review, we discuss nanoscale antennas based on coupled metal nanoparticles that exhibit strong optical nonlinear behavior. These distinct properties are a consequence of the large EM field concentration at the localized plasmon resonance frequency, which can enhance the local strength of light-matter interactions. Specifically, we will highlight how optical nanoantennas can boost nonlinear processes, resonant energy transfer between surface plasmons and excitons, and lasing action in the presence of gain materials.

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Nanoscale antennas; Localized surface plasmons; Nonlinear optical susceptibility; Plasmonic lasers
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Nonlinear properties of nanoscale antennas
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: - Volume 8, Issue 5, October 2013, Pages 469–479
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