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Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity processing of Sargassum muticum

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Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity processing of Sargassum muticum

•Sargassum muticum was processed by microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity (MHG).•MHG-rehydration was selective and rapid for phenolics extraction.•A combination of different water based technologies was feasible.•Microwave and hot pressurized water had dramatic effect on the structure of alga.

An aqueous based extraction process was developed to obtain soluble fractions from Sargassum muticum. Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity (MHG) and subsequent rehydration and extraction stages (MHG-W) in an open system, hot pressurized water extraction or autohydrolysis (A) and enzyme aided extraction (E) were selected on the basis of their simplicity and the possibility of using water as solvent. The performance of these combined technologies using biorenewable solvents to extract antioxidants was compared. A preliminary selection of MHG extraction conditions suggested that 600 W was the optimal irradiation power. A multistage process based on an initial solvent free MHG stage followed by a sequence of water extraction stages (MHG-W) proved suited to selectively obtain phenolic compounds in shorter times than conventional processes. The yield of total solubles was lower than with conventional solvent extraction, but the phenolic content of the extracts and their ABTS radical scavenging properties were enhanced. The microscopic observations of extracted tissues confirmed the impact of the microwave and hot pressurized water processes on the algal cell wall integrity.

Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity; Autohydrolysis; Enzyme; Sargassum muticum; Radical scavenging
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Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity processing of Sargassum muticum
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: Process Biochemistry - Volume 49, Issue 6, June 2014, Pages 981–988
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