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Mathematical modeling of biological sulfide removal in a fed batch bioreactor

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Mathematical modeling of biological sulfide removal in a fed batch bioreactor

In this study, biological sulfide removal is investigated in a fed batch bioreactor. In this process, sulfide is converted into elemental sulfur particles as an intermediate in the oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfate. The main product is sulfur at low dissolved oxygen or at high sulfide concentrations and also more sulfates are produced at high dissolved oxygen. According to the carried out reactions, a mathematical model is developed. The model parameters are estimated and the model is validated by comparing with some experimental data. The results show that, the proposed model is in a good agreement with experimental data. According to the experimental result and mathematical model, sulfate and sulfur selectivity are sensitive to the concentration of dissolved oxygen. For sulfide concentration 0.2 (mM) in the bioreactor and dissolved oxygen of 0.5 ppm, only 10% of sulfide load is converted to sulfate, while it is 60% at the same sulfide concentration and dissolved oxygen of 4.5 ppm. At high sulfide load to the bioreactor, the concentration of uneliminated sulfide increases; it leads to more sulfur particle selectivity and consequently, less sulfate selectivity.

Graphical abstractFigure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slideHighlights► Biological removal of hydrogen sulfide was studied in a fed batch bioreactor. ► A mathematical model was developed for this system using obtained experimental data. ► Rate of sulfur production (r1) is independent of DO value except at very low DO. ► Rate of elemental sulfur oxidation into sulfate (r2) increases with increase of DO value. ► Increase of HS− load leads to increase of elemental sulfur selectivity.

Bioreactors; Dissolved oxygen; Dynamic modeling; Fed-batch culture; Biological sulfide removal; Thiobacillus thioparus
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Mathematical modeling of biological sulfide removal in a fed batch bioreactor
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Journal: Biochemical Engineering Journal - Volumes 58–59, 15 December 2011, Pages 50–56
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