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Non-invasive wearable electrochemical sensors: a review

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Non-invasive wearable electrochemical sensors: a review

•Major advances in the development of wearable electrochemical sensors and biosensors.•Non-invasive monitoring of chemical constituents in sweat, tears, or saliva.•Monitoring of wearer's health or fitness.

Wearable sensors have garnered considerable recent interest owing to their tremendous promise for a plethora of applications. Yet the absence of reliable non-invasive chemical sensors has greatly hindered progress in the area of on-body sensing. Electrochemical sensors offer considerable promise as wearable chemical sensors that are suitable for diverse applications owing to their high performance, inherent miniaturization, and low cost. A wide range of wearable electrochemical sensors and biosensors has been developed for real-time non-invasive monitoring of electrolytes and metabolites in sweat, tears, or saliva as indicators of a wearer's health status. With continued innovation and attention to key challenges, such non-invasive electrochemical sensors and biosensors are expected to open up new exciting avenues in the field of wearable wireless sensing devices and body-sensor networks, and thus find considerable use in a wide range of personal health-care monitoring applications, as well as in sport and military applications.

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Non-invasive wearable electrochemical sensors: a review
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: - Volume 32, Issue 7, July 2014, Pages 363–371
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