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Lab-on-a-chip technologies for stem cell analysis

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Lab-on-a-chip technologies for stem cell analysis

•We present an overview on lab-on-a-chip technologies for stem cell cultures.•We outline chip fabrication methods and materials used for stem cell cultures.•We describe current sensory systems used for stem cell analysis.•We discuss potential future applications of lab-on-a-chips for stem cell research.

The combination of microfabrication-based technologies with cell biology has laid the foundation for the development of advanced in vitro diagnostic systems capable of analyzing cell cultures under physiologically relevant conditions. In the present review, we address recent lab-on-a-chip developments for stem cell analysis. We highlight in particular the tangible advantages of microfluidic devices to overcome most of the challenges associated with stem cell identification, expansion and differentiation, with the greatest advantage being that lab-on-a-chip technology allows for the precise regulation of culturing conditions, while simultaneously monitoring relevant parameters using embedded sensory systems. State-of-the-art lab-on-a-chip platforms for in vitro assessment of stem cell cultures are presented and their potential future applications discussed.

lab-on-a-chip; microfluidics; biosensors; stem cells
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Lab-on-a-chip technologies for stem cell analysis
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: - Volume 32, Issue 5, May 2014, Pages 245–253
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