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Bennet Woodcroft – Patent information pioneer

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Bennet Woodcroft – Patent information pioneer

Bennet Woodcroft was the first technical expert in the 19th century GB Patent Office and was also an engineer, patentee, patent agent, university professor, librarian, museum collector and historian of technology. 150 years ago in 1862 he secured 2 early steam engines, the Rocket and Puffing Billy, for what is now the Science Museum in London, UK. The same year were published the patent abridgement volumes that bear his name, a first in the use of patents as a source of technical information. On this anniversary it seems appropriate to reconsider the life of this remarkable man.

► Bennet Woodcroft, Victorian polymath - inventor, academic and first UK patent information expert. ► Located and arranged printing of all UK patents 1617–1852 et seq. ► Organised preparation and publication of abridgements arranged by technical areas, by 1862. ► Was driving force behind creation of Patent Office Museum in the UK.

Woodcoft; Patent librarian; Patent information pioneer; Victorian polymath; Historical review
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Bennet Woodcroft – Patent information pioneer
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: World Patent Information - Volume 34, Issue 2, June 2012, Pages 159–162
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