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Catalytic polymeric membranes: Preparation and application

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Catalytic polymeric membranes: Preparation and application

The study of catalytic membranes is a multidisciplinary activity, which in recent years has attracted the attention of scientists in a number of disciplines, including material science, chemistry and chemical engineering. Membrane based reactive separation processes, which seek to combine two distinct functions, i.e. reaction and separation, have been around as a concept since the early stages of the membrane field, itself, but have only attracted substantial technical interest the last decade or so. According to the literature, most studies combining membranes and catalysts concern gas phase reactions at relatively high temperature. In most of these applications inorganic membrane made from ceramic or metals are applied. Polymeric membranes (porous or dense) are used when the reaction temperatures are lower, i.e. in the field of fine chemicals or when biocatalysts are present. Dense polymeric membranes in use to separate gases or liquids from mixtures by a sorption–diffusion mechanism can be coupled to catalytic reaction and then be used to separate and react in one step. The polymeric membrane should be not only highly selective, but it should also be permeable enough to give a sufficient separation.Liquid phase catalytic reactions are involved in numerous industrial processes ranging from fine to bulk chemical synthesis; polymeric membranes may also play a significant role in this field.In this paper, a review on the preparation and application of polymeric membranes in the field of fine chemicals with adequate performance in catalysis both in gas phase and liquid phase reactions is presented and discussed.

Polymeric membranes; Heterogeneous catalysis; Fine chemicals
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Catalytic polymeric membranes: Preparation and application
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: Applied Catalysis A: General - Volume 307, Issue 2, 3 July 2006, Pages 167–183
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