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CO preferential oxidation (CO-PROx) on La1 − xCexNiO3 perovskites

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CO preferential oxidation (CO-PROx) on La1 − xCexNiO3 perovskites

La1 − xCexNiO3 perovskites have been prepared, characterized by XRD, TPR and surface area and tested as catalysts for CO-PROx, with a feed of 2.5% CO, 5% O2, 33% H2 and N2 to 100%. The samples exhibited an XRD pattern typical of the perovskite, with traces of NiO in the LaNiO3 and La0.95Ce0.05NiO3 samples, with some La2NiO4 in the La0.90Ce0.10NiO3 sample. All samples were active, but the perovskites with cerium showed good catalytic activity, demonstrating the promoter effect of cerium. The highest conversion of CO and H2 was obtained with La0.95Ce0.05NiO3, probably due to a synergy between Ni and Ce that enhanced O2 mobility.

Graphical AbstractFigure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slideResearch Highlights► The catalytic behavior of La1–xCexNiO3 perovskites on CO-PROx was investigated. ► The results showed the promoter effect of Ce. ► La0.95Ce0.05NiO3 catalyst showed the best catalytic behavior. ► The lower content of Ce promotes oxygen adsorption and activation. ► Ce acts as a supplier of oxygen to the reaction.

Perovskites; Nickel; Cerium; CO-PROx
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CO preferential oxidation (CO-PROx) on La1 − xCexNiO3 perovskites
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: Catalysis Communications - Volume 12, Issue 8, 31 March 2011, Pages 703–706
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