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Protease-catalyzed direct aldol reaction

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Protease-catalyzed direct aldol reaction

A new function of BLAP (alkaline protease from Bacillus licheniformis) was first discovered to catalyze direct aldol reactions between aromatic aldehydes and cyclic ketones in an organic medium in the presence of water. The products were obtained in yields of 28–92% with 22–99% ee.

Graphical AbstractFigure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slideResearch Highlights► The enzyme-catalyzed direct aldol reaction was observed. ► BLAP (alkaline protease from Bacillus licheniformis) was used in DMSO/H2O at 20 °C. ► The yields of 28–92% with 22–99% ee were achieved. ► BLAP showed a wide substrate tolerance for aromatic aldehydes and cyclic ketones.

Enzyme catalysis; Alkaline protease; Enantioselectivity; Aldol reaction
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Protease-catalyzed direct aldol reaction
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: Catalysis Communications - Volume 12, Issue 7, 10 March 2011, Pages 580–582
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