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Hydrogenolysis of sorbitol over Ni and Pt loaded on NaY

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Hydrogenolysis of sorbitol over Ni and Pt loaded on NaY

The hydrogenolysis of sorbitol (15% aqueous solution) was carried out at 60 bar pressure at 220 °C in a stirred batch reactor using Ni–NaY (2, 4, 6 wt.% Ni) with and without added Pt(1 wt.%). 1,2-Propanediol was the major product over Ni–NaY and glycerol was the main product over Pt(1 wt.%)–NaY. The addition of 1 wt.% Pt to the Ni-catalysts had only a marginal effect on conversion and selectivity of the catalysts. Addition of Ca(OH)2 as the promoter to both Ni and Pt catalysts increased the conversion significantly without any significant effect on selectivity.

Graphical AbstractFigure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slideResearch Highlights► Sorbitol transforms mainly into 1,2-propanediol & glycerol on Ni-NaY & Pt-NaY. ► Addition of Pt to Ni catalysts does not influence the activity or selectivity. ► Ca(OH)2 promotes the performance of both Ni and Pt catalysts. ► Ni-NaY is found to be a suitable catalyst for conversion of sorbitol to 1,2-PD. ► Over 6 % Ni-NaY (Ca(OH)2), sorbitol conv. and select. for 1,2-PD is, 75 & 69 %.

Sorbitol; Hydrogenolysis; Glycerol; Propanediol; Glycols; Ni–NaY; Pt–NaY
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Hydrogenolysis of sorbitol over Ni and Pt loaded on NaY
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: Catalysis Communications - Volume 12, Issue 7, 10 March 2011, Pages 673–677
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