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NO reduction by H2 over nano-Ce0.98Pd0.02O2−δ

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NO reduction by H2 over nano-Ce0.98Pd0.02O2−δ

Development of new catalysts for controlling nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions is an important technical challenge as increasingly strict emission limits are being imposed. A new catalyst Pd2+ substituted CeO2 (Ce0.98Pd0.02O2−δ) was synthesized by solution combustion method. The material was characterized by XRD, TEM and XPS and used to investigate the reduction of NO by H2. The catalyst shows 100% N2 selectivity at low temperature and thus is superior to other catalysts reported in literature. A bifunctional reaction mechanism has been proposed to model the experimental data.

De-NOx reaction by H2; Pd2+doped CeO2; Reaction mechanism
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NO reduction by H2 over nano-Ce0.98Pd0.02O2−δ
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Journal: Catalysis Communications - Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 101–105
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