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Polyethylenimine–PEG coated albumin nanoparticles for BMP-2 delivery

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Polyethylenimine–PEG coated albumin nanoparticles for BMP-2 delivery

Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (BMP-2) plays an important role in stimulating new bone formation, and has been utilized in clinical bone repair by implantation. In this study, we report a nanoparticulate (NP) system for BMP-2 delivery based on bovine serum albumin (BSA) NPs stabilized with a poly(ethylene glycol) modified polyethylenimine (PEI–PEG) coating. PEI–PEG with different PEG substitutions were synthesized, and the cell viability assay showed PEG substitution greatly reduced the cytotoxicity of the native PEI. Furthermore, PEI–PEG coated BSA NPs demonstrated smaller size and decreased zeta potential compared to PEI-coated NPs. The bioactivity of the encapsulated BMP-2 and the toxicity of PEI–PEG coated NPs were examined by the alkaline phosphatase (ALP) induction assay and the MTT assay, respectively, using human C2C12 cells. The results indicated that BMP-2 remained bioactive in NPs and PEI–PEG coating was advantageous in reducing the NP toxicity as compared to PEI. A 7-day pharmacokinetics study showed the BMP-2 retention in PEI–PEG coated NPs was similar to the uncoated NPs, but lower than that of the PEI-coated NPs. The osteoinductivity of BMP-2 delivered in NPs was determined by subcutaneous implantation in rats, and the results revealed that PEI–PEG coated BSA NPs induced significant de novo bone formation after implantation, while PEI-coated NPs demonstrated much less bone formation. We conclude that BMP-2 delivered by PEGylated PEI-coated BSA NPs displays favorable biocompatibility and promotes new bone formation after implantation.

Bone morphogenetic protein-2; Polyethylenimine–PEG; Bovine serum albumin; Nanoparticle; In vivo; Ectopic bone formation
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Polyethylenimine–PEG coated albumin nanoparticles for BMP-2 delivery
Database: Elsevier - ScienceDirect
Journal: Biomaterials - Volume 31, Issue 5, February 2010, Pages 952–963
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